Bottled Cold Brew Coffee and Cascara Tea Handcrafted in Raleigh, N.C.

INTRODUCING: Cascara Tea by Slingshot Coffee Co.

Today marks the one year anniversary for Slingshot Coffee Co., and it is with huge excitement that today I can also introduce you to the newest member of our craft coffee family: Cascara Tea by Slingshot Coffee Co.


Coffee beans as we know them are the seed of the fruit that grows on a coffee plant, often referred to as coffee cherries. Traditionally, those cherries are discarded and used for organic compost once the bean has been removed. In some instances, that cherry can be dried and brewed as a “tea.” Coffee has been enjoyed this way for hundreds of years in the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia.


(Photo: coffee cherries in Ethiopia - Counter Culture Coffee)

Working with Counter Culture Coffee and award-winning coffee farmer, Aida Batlle in Santa Ana, El Salvador, Slingshot Coffee Co.’s Cascara Tea is brewed using dried coffee cherries from one of Ms. Batlle’s most acclaimed farms, Finca Kilimanjaro. This farm was the first of hers to harvest a Cup of Excellence coffee in 2003. 


(Photo: Aida Batlle — Counter Culture Coffee)


Clean, crisp and fruity, Cascara Tea by Slingshot Coffee Co. is the first of its kind.

Cold brewed in the same quality-forward way as Slingshot Coffee Co.’s Cold Brew coffees, Cascara Tea is delightfully complex, boasting notes of white grape and fig, highlighting both a sweetness and tartness that makes you crave another sip. 


As with all Slingshot Coffee Co. craft beverages, each bottle of Cascara Tea has the brewed-on date written on the bottle. Sourced exclusively from Aida Batlle, the origin of Slingshot Coffee Co.’s Cascara Tea will always be El Salvador.


Cascara Tea by Slingshot Coffee Co. will be available for purchase beginning mid- to late-June from select purveyors and through the Slingshot Coffee Co. website.

Finally, THANK YOU for making this first year for Slingshot Coffee Co. such a memorable one. Your continued support is sincerely appreciated. I am committed to continuing to brew and bottle only the finest cold brew coffee and tea for you, while respecting the entire chain of the Specialty Coffee experience.

Sip it by yourself, make it for a friend, share it with a stranger. Whatever you do, enjoy it.

  • 31 May 2013
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