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Show Your Slingshot: Vacay

It’s summertime so that means vacations and… road trips! There’s a few things I recommend securing prior to hitting the road:

  • a proper playlist
  • a tent (you never know)
  • water
  • twizzlers

Just so happens it’s pretty easy to take Slingshot on the road with you this summer. Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to do it:

1. Grab a cooler

2. Pack cooler with bottles of ready-to-drink and concentrate Slingshot Cold Brew

3. Pack cooler with ice (cuz you need to keep that deliciousness chilled)

4. Put that cooler in your whip and ROLL.

Sure to be a constant companion and road warrior no matter where your travels take you! And it won’t get mad when you need to stop for bathroom breaks.

So… let’s see it! Kristin posted this picture of Slingshot making its Wyoming debut (look at that scenery!). Let’s see yours, too! Tag @slingshotcoffee on Instagram or email with the photo to post on this here blog.

Safe travels, peeps!


  • 31 July 2012